I’m not sure if I already told you this, but I’m really glad we actually have contact. It is good to know people care, especially a person you’ve never seen. I like to tell myself, “One day I’m gonna look back on all of this and laugh”, as I do with most embarrassing situations in my life. I do know however that I will say that you were the one who kept my negative feelings at bay and even just sending a 2-sentence card helps me because it lets me know you’re thinking of me.

(Prisoner in Kaisheim)

Firstly I want to thank you for the wonderful and colourful mass that you organised for us last Palm Sunday. Indeed you brought joy and smiles in our heart this day which of course is a scarce commodity to most of us especially a person like me.

(Prisoner in Landsberg)

Thanks for sending in the Easter Service papers. I got it here and I really enjoyed it all after reading it. Thanks also for the lovely card, the picture of the Pope’s residence. You make me remember Rome. I love this city.

(Prisoner in Würzburg)

You were the first person to send me a Christmas card and that was so lovely of you.

(Prisoner in Würzburg)

Thank you for sending the beautiful birthday card and the stamps.

               (Prisoner in Bamberg)

I just read the little poem that you sent and it really made me smile, thank you.

(Prisoner in Niederschönenfeld)

Ich bitte das Kind, das diese Karte so wundervoll gestaltet hatte um Verzeihung; ich sehe darin, jetzt, ein Duett mit der oder dem Kleinen.

Landsberg – Easter cards decorated by Sunday school children from the Church of the Ascension were taken into Landsberg.  A prisoner sent back his card with his own beautiful colourful additions as a thank you note.

First of all my sister and I would like to thank you for coming to meet us and helping us out yesterday. We were able to be with our brother for another half hour. We are so grateful to you as our first session ended rather abruptly.

(Relative of English speaking prisoner after visiting in Stadelheim)

I am so happy that I got this address to write to you!

Thanks very much for your caring.


(Prisoner in Aichach)

I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your support to the English speaking prisoners on behalf of everybody who has been enjoying your books ... and may God continue to bless you for all your help.

(Prisoner in Bayreuth)

Before I proceed I would like to thank you for the excellent humanitarian support you are doing around the prison. Please, I will be grateful to receive the African Courier and some Christian books to strengthen my faith.

(Prisoner in Würzburg)


Dear ESPSG members,
Heartfelt thanks for your wishes and blessings for my landmark birthday.
I was also delighted, of course, to receive your praise for our musical efforts …
I look forward to our next meeting.

(Prisoner in Stadelheim – translated from German)


I am from Nigeria. I am currently in Munich Stadelheim for the past five months. No visit or contact with anyone outside prison. Please my main aim of writing to this group is to have a visit from ESPSG so that I can be changing mind with you.

(Prisoner awaiting trial in Stadelheim -  He was visited by a member who continued to do so after the man was sentenced and sent to another prison in Bavaria)


Thank you so much for your wonderfull X-mas postcard and Happy New Year wish for 2014. I was so happy. God bless you!

(Prisoner awaiting trial in Stadelheim)

Feedback from a prisoner questionnaire on one of our bilingual services in Stadelheim:

What was positive: “That so many people came. Your [i.e. the ESPSG members’] excellent respect and education”

Not only are your letters brilliant – they brim over with the gift of narration and are like a conversation in letter-form – even the writing paper is superb!

(Prisoner in Stadelheim after receiving a letter on the back of a sheet from a calendar depicting architecture by Hundertwasser)

First I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the books you have given to the prison as I have noticed many of the books in the library were sent by yourselves. … Thank you again for your good work.

(Prisoner in Stadelheim)

Thank you for your letter with the two books which I got a few days ago. Thanks for correcting my letter, too. P.S. The picture shows me and some friends on our Christmas celebration. I am the second from the left.

Later: Reading English books is always a good idea to better up the language skills. I’ve started to read Man & Boy, it’s very funny.

(German Prisoner from Kaisheim, wanting to practise and improve his English – 1st letter included a photo to show his ESPSG contact what he looks like)

Thank you very much for the book Keeper of the Bride. I enjoyed the read a lot. Could you do me a favour? … Your help will be greatly appreciated.

(Prisoner in Stadelheim – favour was granted)

This is just to drop you a few lines in order to thank you for your kind letter from a month ago. I am very grateful for the time you have taken to write as well as for the warm words you have sent me.

(Former Stadelheim prisoner and regular attendee of our English/German services, since transferred to an open prison)

This is just a short Thank You for putting on the Sunday service for us today in English in the chapel. I’m sure I speak for everyone that went that it was very enjoyable and uplifting to be with normal people to praise God, who don’t have to return to Cells!! Whilst here it’s sometimes easy to feel like the outside world has forgot about us in here.

(Attendee of service in Stadelheim prison)

I will be pleased to see you on the 29th; it will be nice to see you and bid goodbye and to thank you for these rigorous years of support. M was also of a great help to me. I will ever remain grateful to both of you and to others who spend time and money supporting and caring for me through all the difficult time.

(Prisoner who was visited regularly in Straubing)