Talk by former prisoner on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ESPSG

It was a true privilege to have G. speak to us about his time behind bars at Stadelheim and for those of us who knew him from his time there it was also a great pleasure to see him again, in smart casual as opposed to jail uniform, looking utterly cheerful and relaxed. G. wasn’t necessarily an ordinary inmate, his crime having been of a complex economic nature, but he was nonetheless able to enlighten us, in a reflective and eloquent manner, on how it feels and what it’s like to spend time “inside.”
Answering questions posed by a member of the ESPSG committee, whom he had got to know at church services in the prison and clearly trusted, he reported openly and in detail on all manner of things ranging from the time of his arrest, through his time in Stadelheim followed by a further 2 ½ years in an open prison, to his release earlier this year.
Asked whether he had gained anything positive from his experience behind bars, he admitted that he had learnt to be more honest with and about himself. Certainly G. presented himself as a man who was at peace with himself and the world, thereby captivating the full attention of the audience of 20 persons who had come to listen to his frank account of a period of his life that many released prisoners only want to put behind them. As such, we were all the more grateful that G. agreed to review this episode for the benefit of the ESPSG, whose services he had appreciated while in prison. “It was just nice to have ordinary people from outside the prison come in in normal clothes.”
This was a comment made by one of our members:
"I thought G. did an amazing job. He spoke so sincerely and perceptively and gave a brilliant insight into life as a prisoner at Stadelheim. He may not be representative of a large proportion of the inmates, but I think it makes it all the more admirable that he adjusted, it would seem, as well as he did. He seemed remarkably 'ausgeglichen'!"
Here are some pictures of this special event:
A lovely airy room provided for us thanks to P. All awaiting the arrival of our guest.
The talk about life in Stadelheim was perecptive and very revealing and our speaker deserved all our thanks.
 In the restaurant celebrating 25 years Of ESPSG with a founder member, long-standing members and a new recruit.